Central monitoring


Support central monitoring system 360º

Integrates and standardizes the procedures used in the call center with the goal of speeded them and optimize them to increase and control the quality of all shares customer support.

Call center monitoring 24h

  • Platform Online

    Online platform that allows you to send mass alerts via SMS and email;

  • History

    Historical paths traveled by tracked vehicles;

  • Speed

    Speed ​​control;

  • Mapping

     Mapping of control points;
  • Trace

    Tracing electronic fence (warning about detours);

  • Panic

    To alert the central to any claim;

  • Reports

    Automatic sending of reports, graphs and statistics, to account managers and database;
  • Scripts

    Scripts personalized service meeting the criteria predefined by the customer.

  • Bilingual Consultants

    Bilingual consultants ready to meet the needs of each client;

  • Critical Incidents

    Service and support in critical incidents in a personalized way;

  • Monitoring

     Monitoring homes, roads, weather, flights, airport, among others;
  • Tracking

    Tracking via satellite in real time, of persons and property;

  • Informational Alerts

    Send informational alerts to incidents throughout the national territory;

  • Mapeamento

    Mapeamento e gestão de todas as ocorrências (chamadas IN e OUT).