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strength and pace

6 points submitted 2 days agoThe hyper analysis of players and excessive mock drafts is reaching a breaking point or a threshold, and it going to tune out a lot of people very soon.Within the next 2 3 years (if not starting this year) TV ratings for the draft will tank because 1. You can […]

called Runtastic

Unfortunately we ended at 12 or 13, but I positive we go further down soon! currently 2 in club with 1,325 bux, hoping to get some more going soon. I got lucky and was in the top 5, but stopped playing after the first day, and ended at 50. Heh. He had started the surgery, […]

engage socially

The agenda for the meeting has two items: (1) give the student 15 minutes to give a coherent airing out of their issues, and during this time you just listen and take notes. And, (2) give yourself 15 minutes to respond to the student, during which they will just listen and take notes. In part […]

various issues

He has been through so many health issues with me as I have a brain tumor. His strength, love and support during this time has been amazing. My Mom (who is the best Mom in the world, but this is a Father’s Day tribute) and I had to leave the state for my brain tumor […]

king of berries

Most of the baby swimming classes allow babies that are six months of age to six years to get training where they will learn the skill to rescue themselves from any aquatic emergency. Here, the toddlers and babies will learn to adjust their behavior through some definite hand and leg movement in the changing aquatic […]

I try to get more and more mellow

It hit us hard because we’re generally about a 50 50 split between bar and restaurant. Fortunately, the Steelers aren’t the only game in town. We get a lot of college basketball fans, hockey is big around here and the Penguins have been going deep into the playoffs, and then there’s the Pirates well, maybe […]

the plan was to fly above enemy zeppelins

Coming to my senses and still holding the coffees up in the air (because we had just paid for the damn caffeine, I certainly did not want to spill any) I realized as I was rolling around on the parking lot floor that some dude had side swiped our farm truck and then driven off. […]

One of the reasons I got sent out

“One of the reasons I got sent out, and Buck told me, was because the opportunity just wasn’t here,” Pearce said. “He told me I deserved to play. When Chris went down, suddenly the opportunity was there. Often, there was fence that blocked off the woods, and a break in that fence cut by someone […]

They broke our hearts when they denied us

“They broke our hearts when they denied us because these are Bosnian refugees who lost everything,” he said. He said that the group found a church in nearby Franklin Park that it has already turned into a mosque. But, he said, the money will “help us do renovations, construction that we need to turn the […]

I hear they go through something

“I hear they go through something called June Gloom,’ where it’s a little overcast every day. Give me a break. It never rains.” Weather is never a problem in San Diego. If you have a large number of receipts, sort your monthly receipts by type medical, property, education, etc. and store them in separate file […]